Here’s Where You Can Buy Edibles in Canada

Cannabis Edibles Canada
Source: Leafly

The sale of cannabis edibles has been legalized and allowed in December in Canada, but the condition shows that they will not be available abundantly at most stores across the country. A year after the legalization of dry cannabis flower, the federal government kept its promise by legalizing weed-infused drinks, foods and other products like topicals and vapes. However, it seems that the process will be slow just like bud. Talking about the legal edibles Canada will sell, you can find gummies, chocolates, candies and beverages containing no more than 10mg of THC per serving.

Concentrates meant for vaping are also being introduced into the market though not all states will promote them. You will see vape pens and modern vaporizers that use cartridges pre-filled with THC concentrates. The vape illness scare won’t stop Canada from rolling out legal vapes across provinces. Weed vaping still remains highly popular, making up 30 percent of the recreational marijuana sales in California. The second round of legal weed products including vapes and edibles will bring a big share of revenue because they offer a highly convenient way of cannabis consumption. Users don’t need to carry dried flower or pack a bowl when they choose to consume through edibles.

Talking about Canada’s most populated province, weed sales have always been slow and it will show no change for edibles too. The newly legalized products will not be seen in Ontario before January. It is, however, planning to give licenses to 20 stores every month from next year.

Quebec, on the other hand, has prohibited the sale of products that seem appealing to kids. Desserts, cookies and candies will be banned while some drinks will be allowed. Starting in January, a limited variety of edibles Canada will be available and it will increase over time. The province has banned vaping devices as well and introduced some rules like making 21 the legal age for the purchase of weed and prohibition of home cultivation.

B.C is expected to start the sale of extracts, topicals and edibles in January. Retailers can get products from the government distribution center and click here to place orders at online stores for convenient purchase. Depending on the manufacturers’ ability to fulfill the demands from markets across Canada, products will be available to the customers.

Alberta stated that the new products will not be available until late January as it will take time to ship and distribute them to retailers. While it is not yet clear how many products will be available, the province has made more than 40 contracts with licensed brands and most of them are offering a variety of options. Manitoba and Saskatchewan have made edibles and vapes available for sale at local stores and online.

Edibles like candies, chews, chocolates and baked goods have become available for sale in Newfoundland in December while the New Year will see cannabis teas and other beverages. The sale of vapes has been banned as a response to the vaping-related illness issue.