Bloom Product Suite – The Intelligent Toolkit for Cannabis Industry

CannaOne Technologies Inc. has introduced a turn-key product suite named Bloom to help the B2C cannabis companies. BloomKit is the first product in the suite developed with modular features like the ability to offer unique, themed dispensaries and storefronts, analytics, delivery and pick-up logistics and a lot more. The Bloom Product Suite represents the complete, data-driven software solutions offering intelligent learning to give to its clients comprehensive business insights and creation of predictive content and products.

Solomon Riby-Williams
CannaOne Technologies Inc. – Solomon Riby-Williams

Bloom Product Suite is a set of intelligent cannabis tools including BloomWallet, BloomStar, BloomMachine, etc. Of these, BloomMachine is the most innovative as it incorporates Artificial Intelligence and makes the core of customer acquisition for CannaOne’s clients. BloomWallet is the payment portal for the platform and uses e-commerce technology as well as a loyalty rewards program integrated into the software. This tool also focuses on consumer retention – another priority of CannaOne for the clients.

BloomStar compliments these tools by covering a facet of e-commerce presently ignored by numerous cannabis companies. It is essentially a ‘predictive review engine’ and shows the customers reviews on attributes of cannabis products for recreational as well as medicinal industry. The company has also adapted the BloomKit platform for a more important aspect of the cannabis industry- home-grow.

As the industry grows, consumers become more educated with the usage of cannabis. This means there is a lot of potential for ‘home-grow’ industry which could parallel wine-making or home gardening in the future. Value investors who understand this potential see this cannabis tech platform as a rewarding one. The market has already welcomed CannaOne Technologies and a number of investors are adding it to their portfolios.